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Nurses: Caregivers, Not Criminals — Recorded Webinar

Posted 6 months ago in Education and Events

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Watch this webinar presented by Dr. Marilyn L. Dollinger RN, President ANA-NY, and Hon. Richard A. Dollinger (Ret.) to...

  • study the RaDonda Vaught RN case to understand the dangerous trend of malpractice being prosecuted as a criminal offense and how it may impact health care providers’ future professional practice.
  • become prepared to minimize harm to their careers by understanding the reasons to have their own malpractice insurance and situations when they need representation by legal counsel.

About the Speakers

Dr. Dollinger and Judge Dollinger have taught health care delivery systems, health policy, and health law for many years to the masters and doctoral students at Fisher. They used the RaDonda Vaught case study for the graduate students this spring.

Dr. Marilyn L. Dollinger RN, President ANA-NY

Dr. Marilyn Dollinger is the President of ANA-NY and a Professor at the Wegmans School of Nursing, St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York. She is active as a policy and political advocate for healthcare issues and the profession.

Hon. Richard A. Dollinger (Ret.)

The Honorable Richard A. Dollinger retired in December as a member of the New York State Court of Claims and acting Supreme Court judge. He also served in the New York State Senate for 10 years, where he was an active member of the Senate Health Committee.