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“Rooted in Strength" Join ANA-NY Lobby Week 2022

Posted 7 months ago

            Please join us for our third annual virtual lobby day!!!  While we had hoped to have you come to Albany and meet with your legislators in person, we need to remain virtual for a bit longer.  So, while we can’t be in Albany in person, we can still make our voices heard!


            We will be taking advantage of the virtual nature of our outreach, and instead of just one day, we will have lobby week, which runs for the duration of National Nurses Week, through Friday, May 12.


This year’s theme for National Nurses Week this year is “Rooted in Strength.”  Our profession has always been rooted in strength, and the COVID-19 pandemic, and the experience over the past two years, has shown just that.  We have seen nurses stand up and be leaders in all areas of healthcare during the very challenging times the past year has presented.  We know nurses will continue to lead and will be at the forefront of healthcare as we find our way out of the pandemic and look forward to identifying and promoting changes that are needed to ensure that the profession is poised to continue to lead and grow into the future.


We know that members of the legislature like to hear from their own constituents.  As a constituent, you are most important to members of the legislature, so we want to make sure they hear from you. To participate in ANA-NY lobby day, please ensure you are signed up for Phone2Action.  To sign up by visiting


Once signed up, look for a text message from Phone2Action, which will take you to the pre-generated letter to legislators outlining the legislative priorities for ANA-NY.  If you want more information about specific legislative priorities, you can visit the ANA-NY website and click on the Policy and Advocacy Link.


            Finally, please share with us! Send an email to to let us know if you hear back from your legislator.

            Need more information or have questions? E-mail Jeanine at