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** The door of opportunity to be a part of ANA-NY committee's**

Posted 4 months ago

Here is your opportunity to be a big part of ANA-NY.

If you are interested in one of our committees, sign up before October 15, 2021. 

Better yet, sign up today by clicking hereCheck out our open committees.

 ** Please note ANA-NY is only accepting volunteers for the following committee's Audit, Legislation, and Programming due to other committees being at capacity. *** 

Standing Committees

 Audit Committee shall be a standing committee of ANA-NY composed of a minimum of five (5) members, at least two (2) of whom shall not be a member of the Board of Directors. Neither the President nor the Treasurer may serve on this committee. The Audit Committee is responsible for overseeing the organization's accounting and financial reporting processes and the audit of its financial statements. The audit committee shall:
 Review fiscal operations to ensure that they are consistent with the purposes and functions of ANA-NY
 Ensure that proper internal financial controls are in place
 Review the accuracy of financial accounting
 Recommend an accountant for the annual financial review or audit
 Review the annual report and present the report to the Board of Directors for discussion and acceptance

 Bylaws Committee shall be a standing committee of ANA-NY composed of five (5) members. The ANA-NY Bylaws provide a written document that identifies how the organization will confirm its Certificate of Incorporation and fulfill its functions. They identify who has the power to govern, outlines its structure, leadership, and responsibilities, and dictates how each part relates to the others. Along with astute members, the Bylaws Committee functions as a watchdog to guarantee that ANA-NY does not stray from its stated purpose and functions.
• Appointees should have basic experience and familiarity with the organization and parliamentary authority (Robert’s Rules)
• Active participation in the affairs of the organization at both local and state levels is recommended
• Appointees should have basic experience and familiarity with the organization
• Experience as a member of a bylaws committee of another organization (e.g., local or other levels) is highly desirable
• Review the bylaws of ANA-NY and recommend corrections or amendments as appropriate
• Collaborate with ANA’s Committee on Bylaws to ensure congruency with ANA’s Bylaws
• Upon Board of Directors' approval, submit proposed bylaws amendments to the ANA-NY Governing Assembly in accordance with the provisions of Article IX.

 Finance Committee shall be a standing committee of ANA-NY composed of five (5) members.
• The Treasurer of ANA-NY is the chair of the committee.
• Three members of the board of directors and two members at large are appointed to the committee.
• Experience in budget administration and/or finance is desirable.
• Prepares an annual budget for consideration of the Board of Directors
• Monitors the financial status of ANA-NY, reports its findings to the Board of Directors, and makes recommendations
• Develops ANA-NY financial policies for consideration of the Board

Legislation Committee shall be a standing committee of ANA-NY composed of ten (10) members.
• Experience in legislative activities (local, state, national) is preferred.
• Support of ANA-NY legislative priorities is required.
• Participation in the organization’s annual lobby day is desired.
• Track current legislative proposals
• Determine ANA-NY position on relevant bills
• Write ANA-NY memos of support or opposition as indicated for approval by the Board to share with stakeholders


Other Committees

Programming committee
• Experience in planning individual programs or similar activities is recommended.
• Knowledge of resources and networking in related activities is recommended.
• Commitment to a schedule of monthly meetings is essential.

•Design and implement programming/member engagement activities throughout the year and around the state.  

•Collaborate with Organizational Affiliates for innovative activities

Awards Committee

Committee composition should reflect varied nursing practice experience (direct care, advanced practice, clinical-based education, leadership, and research) across a variety of settings

• Identify, describe, and propose ANA-NY annual awards to BOD
• Review nominations for annual awards
• Make award recipient recommendations to the BOD

 Nursing Education Committee
 A master’s or doctoral degree is required for most members.
 Experience with associate, baccalaureate, graduate, or continuing nursing education in New York State is required.

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