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ANA-NY Statement on NYS vaccination mandate for healthcare worker

Posted 5 months ago

ANA-NY Statement on Immunizations for Health Care Workers

ANA-NY joins ANA, AMA, AHA (1), and the New York State Department of Health in mandating all health care workers to get vaccinated to protect themselves, their patients, families, and communities. As health care workers and as members of a profession, with clear guidance from the ANA Code of Ethics for Nurses (2), we have a special duty to educate the public as well as to support and engage with all public health initiatives to manage the global health crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. Those health care providers with approved exemptions will follow the required protective policies in the work setting and community. This position is consistent with the ANA Position Statement on Immunizations updated June 29, 2021 (3). “Nurses have a professional and ethical obligation to model the same health care standards they prescribe to their patients.” (3)

(1) ANA Press Release July 26, 2021.

(2) Code of Ethics for Nurses

(3) ANA Position: Immunizations