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ANA Committee on Appointments - 2021 Call for Nominations OPEN

Posted 5 months ago

The ANA Committee on Appointments (COA), a committee of the ANA Board of Directors, has opened its 2021Call for Nominations for Appointed Positions on the following ANA committees:

  • American Nurses Association- Political Action Committee Board of Trustees
  • American Nurses Credentialing Center Board of Directors
  • Committee on Bylaws
  • Committee on Honorary Awards Subcommittee
  • Committee on Nursing Practice Standards
  • Minority Fellowship Program (MFP) National Advisory Committee
  • Professional Policy Committee

All ANA members are invited to become more involved by seeking out a volunteer leadership position with one of ANA's committees. Serving as a volunteer leader offers great opportunities to build your professional network with other nursing professionals from across the nation. In addition, volunteer leadership provides a necessary level of support to ANA by participating in the association's governance. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to become involved!

Current members may nominate themselves and/or others to be considered for a committee position. Please refer to the Committee on Appointments page and the Guide to the Appointments Process, online at All nomination materials must be received by 11:59 pm ET, Wednesday, June 23, 2021.

For additional information about the appointment process, please contact the ANA Leadership Services Department at

Below is ANA-NY’s policies in ANA Nominations Process:

Policy 4.1 Role of ANA-NY in ANA Nominations Process

ANA will email a call for nominations to all of its members. This call would be for election to ANA positions or for appointment to committees and task forces. When this call is sent out from ANA, then ANA-NY will send an email to all its members encouraging them to consider submitting their names. This email will also request that they contact ANA-NY for assistance and to inform the Board of their submission for nomination.

The Board can also reach out to members of ANA-NY to encourage them to submit their names. Encouragement of members to apply must also take into account:

  • Membership in ANA-NY is required.
  • The board of directors will give special consideration to:

o    special knowledge and expertise

o    attention to diversity

o    inclusion of nurses from all settings

Adopted:  November 17, 2017

Policy 4.1.1 Assistance to Candidates

Upon notification that an ANA-NY member has been nominated for an ANA elected office, ANA-NY will:

  • Verify that the individual is a member of ANA-NY.
  • Send a congratulatory letter to the ANA-NY member, include guidelines for a successful campaign and offer to assist with their campaign. If the member accepts the offer for assistance, ANA-NY will provide the candidate with the names of ANA-NY representatives to ANA Membership Assembly to contact for campaign assistance.

Adopted:  November 17, 2017

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