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**Submit nominations for peer supporters by June 30th, 2021**

Posted 7 months ago

Dear colleagues,

We've all had cases or circumstances that are challenging, sometimes because of difficult clinical situations and other times due to the accumulation of emotionally depleting events. Studies have shown that clinicians may initially want to get support from peers rather than mental health providers.

To create a culture of trust and collegiality, ANA-NY is developing a peer support program for NYS nurses. Colleagues trained as peer supporters will reach out to other NYS nurses involved in a critical event; they are also available for nurses to self-refer due to distress from any cause. This is not therapy. It is support from a peer who understands the pressures of navigating challenging circumstances and who is trained with effective listening and responding skills to help others do the same. Peer supporters can also connect you with other resources that may be helpful.

Currently, we are seeking nominations for peer support team members. It is crucial that we train a diverse peer support team from across the state and a variety of practice settings. New and "seasoned" nurses are welcome. We ask that you share the names of up to 3 nurse colleagues whom you recommend for peer support training. Please let us know what qualities you feel these colleagues have that lead you to nominate them.

Please complete this CONFIDENTIAL nomination form at  by June 30th, 2021. 

Thank you for your participation,