**ANA-NY FINAL Call for Nominations for the 2020 ANA-NY Awards**

Posted 7 months ago by Shakira Hernandez

Honor your colleagues.  ANA-NY members are doing great work, please take the time to recognize them and submit those nominations! 

ANA-NY is excited to announce the Call for Nominations for the 2020 ANA-NY Awards

The four award categories for 2020 are:

Friend of Nursing:
The ANA-NY Friend of Nursing Award recognizes non-nurse individuals or organizations (excluding professional nursing organizations) who have had a significant positive impact on ANA-NY, the health care community, and/or the health of people.


  • Demonstrated commitment to the purposes and goals of ANA-NY.
  • Demonstrated superior achievement and leadership in their field of work.
  • Sustained contribution(s) of lasting significance to ANA-NY, the nursing profession, and/or the health of people in New York State.
  • Examples of contributions to the nursing profession include, but are not limited to:
    • Leadership in strategic efforts to promote legislation and/or regulation supportive of Registered Nurses and their patients
    • Implementation of critical research which supports the nursing profession
    • Provision of exemplary service to a professional nursing organization
    • Participated in or lead collaborative efforts to improve health care
    • Demonstrated leadership in the promotion of Registered Professional Nurses as equal partners in the health care system

The ANA-NY Mentorship Award recognizes a nurse who has been an exemplary mentor to less experienced nurses (novices) in any domain of nursing – education, research, practice improvement, clinical practice, and/or health policy. The recipient of this award will have provided professional guidance and support to the mentees over a protracted-time period during the evolution of their careers in an effort to help the mentees reach their professional, mutually agreed-upon goals.


  • Demonstrated activity as a mentor through:
    • Documentation by at least two (2) mentees of the role played by the mentor in helping them to achieve their professional goals
    • Collaborative publications and/or presentations with a mentee as the first author; and
    • Acknowledgment of mentor in published works (mentor not the author) or awards supported by a mentor (mentor not part of the award).
  • Protracted relationship between mentor and mentee (i.e., going beyond a work relationship). Examples: If a faculty member, working with a student beyond graduation from a program. If in a clinical role, meeting and working with mentee beyond work hours.

Nursing Practice- Early Career:
The ANA-NY Nursing Practice Award recognizes and celebrates excellence in the provision of direct care to patients, families, communities, and/or populations. The recipient of this award exemplifies a high level of compassion and expertise in the provision of such health care.


  • Within five (5) years of initial licensure
  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in nursing
  • Demonstrated evidence of significant contribution to improved quality of patient care
  • Demonstrated evidence of recognition for excellence in practice
  • Modeled a holistic approach for the care of both family and patient, cultural sensitivity, and excellent patient/family education

Policy and Service:
The ANA-NY Policy and Service Award recognize a nurse who has made significant contributions in the policy, legislative, and/or nursing service sectors of the profession and has contributed in these realms beyond their own practice to advocate within the policy and/or service arenas to bring change to nursing and the healthcare system.


  • Demonstrated activity in policy and/or service through a minimum of two (2):
    • Political activity (i.e., development and support of the legislation, campaign work, fundraising, or lobbying), which promotes the nursing profession in political and health care arenas
    • Advancement of the knowledge of nurses, politicians, and policymakers concerning the contributions of nursing in the health care field
    • Development of mechanisms to promote the effectiveness of nursing's role in the provision of health care services through political and/or legislative activities
    • Promotion of the role of nursing as a scholarly discipline by using research findings as a foundation for legislative and regulatory initiatives that promote the role of nursing and the safety and quality of care of our patients
  • Demonstrated activity in ANA-NYs policy, leadership, scholarship and/or educational agenda 

To nominate someone for an ANA-NY award please complete the online form at: https://form.jotform.com/80644963230153  by April 17, 2020