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The ANA-New York Nominations and Elections Committee is seeking nominees from the membership for a slate of candidates to be elected by secret electronic ballot and, when necessary and requested, a special paper ballot during the third quarter of 2019.


Officer Positions

  • Vice President and Membership Assembly alternate to President       (two- year term, 2019-2021)
  • Secretary                                                             (two- year term, 2019-2021)

Director-at-Large Positions

  • Three (3) Directors-at-Large                               (two- year term, 2019-2021)

Nominations Committee

  • Two (2) Member Positions                                (two- year term, 2019-2021)  - the candidate with the most votes will be chair elect

ANA Membership Assembly Representative and Alternate

  • Four (4) Representatives and Alternates      (two- year term, 2019-2021) 

Eligibility Requirements

The ANA-NY Bylaws state under Qualifications:

To be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors, a person shall:

  1.   hold current membership.
    b.   not concurrently serve as an officer or director of another organization if such participation might result in a conflict of interest with ANA-New York.

    ANA-New York places a high priority on diversity and seeks to encourage and foster increased involvement of minorities and nurses from a variety of settings, specialties, and positions at the state level.

See  Board of Directors Responsibilities and Duties of Officers in Article V Section 5 and Section 9 of the ANA-NY Bylaws

The Nominations and Elections Committee shall:

  1. be composed of five (5) members elected in accordance with the Nominations provisions in these Bylaws
  2. solicit the names of members qualified and willing to serve if elected
  3. prepare a slate of qualified candidates for each office to be filled
  4. assure geographic and occupational group representation on the ballot
  5. implement the policies and procedures for nominations and elections as established by the Board of Directors or as provided for in these bylaws.
  1. ensure implementation of the Nominations and Elections provisions of these Bylaws

ANA Membership Assembly

1. ANA-NY is entitled to representation at regular and special meetings of the ANA Membership Assembly in accordance with ANA Bylaws and policy.
2. The President of ANA-NY shall serve as a representative to ANA’s Membership Assembly.
3. Other representatives and alternates to the Membership Assembly shall be elected by secret ballot to serve a two-year term or until a successor is elected. A mail ballot or appropriate electronic ballot is permissible.
4. Except for the president, the vice-president as alternate to the president, ANA representative(s) and alternate representative(s) shall be elected and shall serve based on those who received the highest number of votes.

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Deadline:  June 1, 2019

Questions about this process, please contact ANA-NY at: or 1-877-810-5972, EXT. 702.

Sincerely ANA-NY