Have you experienced this?

Posted almost 2 years ago by Shakira Hernandez

Michelle is a new nurse and has been so excited to be in her first professional role.

However, she’s been having some challenges defining her professional boundaries. You see, she cares so much about her patients that she gets really close to their families but isn’t sure where to draw the line between caring and being too involved.

She wasn’t comfortable talking with her supervisor about it and was afraid to say something to her work colleagues in case it got back to her boss.

She wasn’t sure who to talk to, so she felt alone and lost

Thankfully, however, Michelle registered for our 7th Annual Conference, Nurses Supporting Nurses because she knew she could talk it out with colleagues at the same career point who had similar concerns.

Not to mention, she can’t wait to get some advice from members who are seasoned, been there, done that, and are representatives of the professional association.

If you’d like more support too, register for our Annual Conference today. Early bird registration is now open, and space is limited.

You can register here: https://bit.ly/2U4dKd9

See you there!