ANA-NY Announces Award Recipients for Friend of Nursing, Policy and Service, and Mentorship Awards

Posted over 2 years ago by Jamilynne Myers

ANA-NY Friend of Nursing

The ANA-NY Friend of Nursing Award recognizes non-nurse individuals or organizations who have had a significant positive impact on ANA-NY, the health care community, and/or the health of people.

This year’s recipients are Senate Majority Leader John Flanagan and Assembly Majority Leader Joseph Morelle.

These two legislators were the chief sponsors of the BS in Ten legislation. They have been staunch supporters of nurses and the contribution that nurses make to improve the health of New Yorkers. In a sincere spirit of partnership, they shepherded the bill through the legislative process, skillfully negotiating barriers as they arose, assisting us to obtain the Governor’s signature to make this the law. As champions of the new law, Senator Flanagan and Assemblyman Morelle have fostered improved patient health outcomes, and assured access to higher education for those wishing to be nurses. This is an improvement for the public, institutions, nurses and the nursing profession.

ANA-NY Policy and Service

 The ANA-NY Policy and Service Award recognizes a nurse who has made significant contributions in the policy, legislative, and/or nursing service sectors of the profession and has contributed in these realms beyond their own practice to advocate within the policy and/or service arenas to bring change to nursing and the healthcare system. 

This year’s recipient is Dr. Marilyn Dollinger.

Dr. Dollinger is described as being skillful and masterful in politics and the political process, demonstrating her acumen in helping to achieve the passage of the BS in 10 legislation and nationally as a member of the ANA-PAC. Dr. Dollinger has demonstrated to undergraduate and graduate nursing students how the political process can be used to advance the nursing profession’s agenda regarding education for its practitioners and on practice issues impacting patients, communities, and the environment.



Left to right: Elisa (Lee) Mancuso, ANA-NY President, and Dr. Marilyn Dollinger

ANA-NY Mentorship

 The ANA-NY Mentorship Award recognizes a nurse who has been an exemplary mentor to less experienced nurses in any domain of nursing – education, research, practice improvement, clinical practice, and/or health policy. The recipient of this award will have provided professional guidance and support to the mentees over a protracted time period during the evolution of their careers in an effort to help the mentees reach their professional, mutually agreed upon goals.

This year’s recipient is Dr. Harriet Feldman.

Dr. Feldman is described as being the ultimate mentor, providing constructive feedback, gentle guidance and critique, critical questioning, and the freedom to grow and lead. Per a mentee, she has “taken me along”, introduced me and advocated for me. She is deliberate in her efforts to link me into her professional networks, which encompasses the highest levels of nursing leadership nationally and internationally.

Another mentee reflects that her wisdom is deep, far reaching and impactful. She is one of the wisest colleagues I have and have greatly appreciated her generosity of time, her patience, her reflections, and of course guidance.

Left to right: Elisa (Lee) Mancuso, ANA-NY President, and Dr. Harriet Feldman


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