Webinars from ISONG

Posted about 2 years ago by Jamilynne Myers

Do you use webinars to meet your CEU requirements?

 Consider choosing your next webinar from International Society for Nurses in Genetics (ISONG)’s current list of 10 low-cost, high-quality webinars.

ISONG is delighted to offer these webinars at the discounted member rate to all ANA New York members!  Click here to review the list of available webinars and use the code “ANANY2018” at checkout.

  • We have webinars that provide overviews of key genomic concepts
  • Our most popular webinar is “The Hope and Hype of Genomic Medicine”
  • We cover genetic content relevant to nurses in various practice areas, such as:
    • Oncology
    • Family Practice
    • Cardiovascular
    • Prenatal
    • Individualized Health Care
    • Pharmagogenetics…
    • and beyond!  Click here to review the list of available webinars
    • We also have several exciting webinars in the pipeline, so be sure to follow ISONG on Facebook so you get alerts about future webinars.

 Why Choose ISONG as a source for webinars and CEUs?

ISONG is a global specialty nursing organization dedicated to genomic healthcare, education, research, and scholarship.  We are a trusted brand, known globally for providing high quality educational symposia, presentations, and webinars that provide expert information for nurses using and integrating genomics into their practice, education and research.  

 Webinars provided by ISONG offer valuable genomics-related content, delivered with credibility and authority to nurses interested in gaining low-cost, dedicated access to experts for an hour.  ISONG takes careful preparation of matching the expertise of its webinar presenters with the needs of a global nursing audience, with applications to many varied diseased states.  We also place importance on delivering vital education using text, verbal, and human interaction to optimize learning and allowing for the ability to emphasize key points, theory, and facts to the learner.

 Whether you are an experienced nurse using genetics in your daily practice, a researcher, an educator trying to convey the application of genomics to your nursing students, or a nurse interested in gaining more insight on how genetics impacts the practice of nursing within your own specialty, ISONG-developed webinars are a source of credible and trustworthy education that deliver experts right to your laptop or computer screen, live or on-demand when time permits.

 Visit isong.org for more information